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Top 7 Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Handmade Sterling Silver jewelry

by Shivani Jadhav 13 Sep 2023
Top 7 Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Handmade Sterling Silver jewelry - US - Silverhub Jewelry

Silver has always been connected with luxury; the term "silver spoon" refers to affluence for a reason. Jewelry made of sterling silver , which contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% additional metal alloys. Sterling silver is utilized to create appearances that may be both classic and contemporary in every sort of jewelry imaginable.

This noble metal is a favorite among contemporary jewelry designers because it offers the ideal balance of malleability, beauty, and durability. You'll undoubtedly find sterling silver jewelry that appears to have been made specifically for you, whether you're seeking casual accessories or a classic statement piece. Continue reading for seven reasons to add sterling silver to your jewelry collection.

 1. Jewelry made with sterling silver is robust.

Sterling silver jewelry may last a lifetime if properly cared for. Smart owners of sterling silver are aware that even after 40 years, their pieces can still appear brand new! Real handmade sterling silver earrings, 925, are not inexpensive. The additional expense is more than justified for the quality and long-term value of the jewelry. Some of your well-crafted items could even be future heirlooms for the family.

 2. It's simple for you to keep up with trends.

Any woman who enjoys staying current on fashion and jewelry trends is aware of how quickly jewelry trends may change. It's tough to keep up with what's popular and not. Fortunately, sterling silver is virtually always assumed to be in because of its widespread use. Even though the patterns vary, sterling silver will always be a part of the most recent jewelry trends.

3.There are several choices.

Since silver is a relatively flexible metal, jewelers may experiment and shape it easily, which results in a steady flow of new designs. You may select a piece (or twenty) that matches your taste, thanks to the variety of styles and designs available in sterling silver.

There are countless alternatives, whether you're searching for a locket, bracelet, ring, or pendant. The sterling silver friendship bracelets and sterling silver hoops earrings are two of our favorite items.

4. You may quickly start a new jewelry collection.

With so many sterling silver alternatives available, expanding or modernizing your jewelry collection is simple. You may want to center a look around one of your pricey standout items. You don't need to worry about clashing because sterling silver goes well with most metals. Likewise, sterling silver must be on your list if you seek distinctive high-end products. Designers frequently utilize it to cast their most innovative creations.

 5. Exceptional adaptability

No matter the occasion, jewelry made of sterling silver is acceptable. Adding embellishments to a look for the Met Gala? Silver, that is, 925. Putting on a dressy dinner outfit? Silver. PTA gathering? Do you see what I mean? Even better, you can use the same outfit on both occasions! Why? Silver gives each outfit a sophisticated touch. Even now, it appears when combined with other metals, showing how versatile it is.

6. Allergy-free jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry has no metal additives that might lead to an allergic response, unlike cheap nickel, brass, or other base metals that can irritate your skin. You can wear sterling silver jewelry without much concern by those who have metal allergies, such as those to nickel and brass. This is crucial for accessories like earrings since you may wear them without worrying about an infection spreading to your piercing.

 7. Simple to keep up

Despite how lovely silver is, many women have sometimes shied away from it because of tarnish. It's distressing to discover that a beloved item has been stained or discolored after spending too much time in a jewelry box. Any silver item can tarnish with time, particularly if it is not worn frequently.

 Are you curious to discover more or begin your sterling silver jewelry collection like handmade sterling silver earrings, rings, locket, braceletpendant etc.? Visit us at Silver Hub Jewelry!

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