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What are Birthstones: Discover your Birthstone by Month & Zodiac Sign

by Shivani Jadhav 13 Sep 2023
What are Birthstones: Discover your Birthstone by Month & Zodiac Sign - US - Silverhub Jewelry

A birthstone is a gemstone that is associated with someone's birthday and is said to bring luck and good health. It can also possess supernatural qualities through its link to the planets. Birthstone Jewelry was originally used in ancient astrology and throughout time they changed to match the months of the year. Birthstones are common and may be located by astrological sign and month. Silverhub Jewelry provides thorough information on which birthstone is appropriate for each person based on their month. The list compiled by the US jewelry industry in the 1950s served as the foundation for the most popular Birthstones by Month.

Methods to find the birthstone

Based on a person's birthdate, astrological sign, birth year, and birth month, astrologers advise selecting a birthstone. In a wearer's life, this strategy enables the best results and desired astrological advantages. A birthstone with the wearer's Zodiac Sign and birth month representation can aid in finding balance and success. Because each gemstone has its own metaphysical power and therapeutic properties that correlate with a certain month, it is now simpler to do online research on precious and semi-precious Birthstones by Month.

January Birthstone: Garnet

Semi-precious garnet frequently displays a range of dark red tones. The aquamarine gemstone is well known for standing for loyalty, kinship, and trust. The gorgeous red garnet gemstone is considered to improve and foster knowledge, responsibility, honesty, and attentiveness. The January Birthstone Jewelry is praised for its extraordinary healing abilities and is thought to be able to alleviate conditions of the heart, blood, and lungs.

February Birthstone: Amethyst

Semi-precious amethyst is a stone with a violet origin. It is well recognised as a less expensive alternative to the precious blue sapphire in astrology and is a member of the quartz crystal family. During the month of February, this gemstone stands for grandeur, tranquilly, wisdom, justice, and unwavering bravery. Amethyst gemstones, which are naturally purple, are beneficial for overcoming stress from the workplace and financial uncertainty. With its aid, you may discover the road to spirituality and humility as well as the necessary mental peace.

March Birthstone: Aquamarine

The Birthstones by Month of March is aquamarine, a stunning gemstone with a light blue hue. Due to its resemblance to aquamarine marine water, this semi-precious stone from the beryl mineral family is considered to symbolise eternal love and youth. Some people use it in place of the blue sapphire stone for astrological purposes. The possessor of an unheated aquamarine stone benefits from developing strong leadership and self-assurance. Moreover, to guaranteeing a strong immune system, it is thought to be very advantageous for both your physical and mental health. Buy a beautiful March Birthstone Jewelry online today.

April Birthstone: Diamond

According to legend, the brilliant Diamonds are the birthstone for babies born in April. Real diamonds, which are among the most coveted stones in the world, stand for sincere, enduring love. It is most recognised for spreading joy and happiness throughout your environment. White Sapphire or White Zircon are frequently substituted for birthstones by those who are having financial difficulties. The benefits of possessing a True Diamond include extraordinary mental clarity, a comfortable living, a happy marriage, and success in artistic endeavours.

May Birthstone: Emerald

Genuine emerald or Panna gemstones, which are connected to love and fertility, help those who wear them attract luck and integrity into their life. This stunning green stone, one of the nine Navaratna gems, is known as the May birthstone. One of the greatest therapeutic jewels, this exorbitantly priced beryl stone bestows to its wearer extraordinary eyesight and intuition. It treats a variety of contagious illnesses while reviving your spirit and bringing it back to life.

June Birthstone: Alexandrite, Pearl, or Moonstone

In Indian Vedic astrology, natural pearls, a birthstone linked to purity and purity, are highly prized. The virtues of intelligence, self-assurance, courage, inner tranquilly, morality, calmness, and stability can all be improved by wearing this birthstone in June. Real pearls contain healing properties that help with heart-related ailments, mental clarity, tiredness reduction, and stress reduction. The natural moonstone is related with the moon and is worn to balance the wearer's natal chart. It is also known as Chandrakant Ratan in Hindi. Moonstones are lucky and preserve emotional balance by standing for serenity, intuition, and greater consciousness.

A Birthstones by Month for June is a natural Alexandrite, a rare gem from the Chrysoberyl mineral group. It was given the name Alexander II after the Russian king and possesses mysterious color shifts and medicinal powers that assist repair nerve issues, encourage creativity, and

July Birthstone: Ruby

For people born in July, natural ruby, sometimes referred to as Manik, is a well-liked gemstone. It represents the Sun, the most potent planet and the father figure of the other eight planets in Vedic astrology. Wearing this red precious stone may improve relationships, expand knowledge, build willpower, and increase self-assurance. Real rubies also provide cosmological advantages like monetary gain, increased employment, elevated status, and power. The best rubies Gemstones for Zodiac Sign come from Burma, which produces the highest grade naturally occurring rubies.

August Birthstone: Peridot, Spinel, or Sardonyx

The tranquil semi-precious peridot, which is lime green, and the well-liked genuine peridot are the birthstones for August. Wearing peridot encourages knowledge and communication while squelching animosity and envy. It also increases authority and influence in the executive branch. Spinel, a favoured gem for August, is prized for its range of hues and is regarded as one of astrology's most gorgeous healing jewels. Sardonyx is regarded by some as the birthstone for August. Wear the prettiest August Birthstone Jewelry from Silver Hub Jewelry today!

September Birthstone: Sapphires

Natural sapphire, often known as the "stone of beauty and wisdom," is said to be the birthstone for September. You may wear whatever sapphire you want right now. You may, however, dress well. Before wearing any gemstone, it is usually advisable to consult with a licenced astrologer. A few examples are the wonderful blue sapphire Birthstones by Month (Neelam), amazing yellow sapphire (Pukhraj), spectacular pink sapphire, unique peach sapphire, gorgeous green sapphire, enigmatic bicolor sapphire (Pitambari), or a straightforward heavenly white sapphire. The best astrological results may be obtained by wearing a real sapphire that has not been heated. 

October Birthstone: Tourmaline or Opal

The semi-precious Gemstones for Zodiac Sign opal, which is white, is said to be the birthstone for October. It is a priceless diamond that resembles a rainbow and is renowned for both its beauty and astrological advantages. Excellent health, lavish lives, great social status, and happy marriages are all benefits of natural opal gemstones. In place of more expensive gemstones, tourmaline, a semi-precious stone from the Cyclosilicates mineral family, is frequently utilised. Its colors can range from colorless to black. The powerful metaphysical benefits of tourmaline includes increased immunity, bodily purification, reduced stress, and defence against nightmares and the evil eye.

November Birthstone: Golden Topaz or Citrine

The semi-precious Citrine stone, often referred to as Sunela Rattan, is the birthstone for November. It is worn in place of the precious Yellow Sapphire gemstone, also known as Pukhraj Ratan, and is a member of the Quartz mineral family. It is thought to improve wealth, health, happiness, and social position. Intense sentiments of love, compassion, generosity, and forgiveness are presented by Sunela Stone.

In Vedic astrology, yellow topaz, a member of the topaz mineral family, is viewed as Pukhraj's successor. It has characteristics comparable to those of the priceless Pukhraj and is also utilised as a replacement birthstone for November. A natural yellow topaz deflects bad energy and other negative vibrations and flows by reflecting morality, peace, and harmony. Wear the best November Birthstone Jewelry today!

December Birthstone: Turquoise, Tanzanite, or Blue Zircon

Turquoise, sometimes referred to as Firoza in Hindi, is regarded as the "stone of paradise" because of its propensity to bring good fortune and wealth. A Natural Firoza Ratan bestows knowledge, wisdom, success, and money by increasing Jupiter (Brihaspati) in the astrological house. It is the birthstone for those born in winter or the last month of the year. Tanzanite is a violet-blue gemstone that bears Tanzania's name and is used in jewelry because of the pleochroism characteristic. The birthstone for December is Natural Blue Zircon, a semi-precious stone from the Nesosilicates mineral family. Get your December Birthstone Jewelry today!

When we examine it from two different perspectives, namely traditional astrological science and current astrological science, we have other options in addition to the traditional association of each month with a particular gemstone. The two of them generally have divergent opinions on a wide range of subjects, including gemstones, the months they are linked with, zodiac signs, and many more. This is the fundamental argument in favour of some months having two or more Gemstones for Zodiac Sign.

To bring luck, good health, professional success, and personal wealth, everyone can wear the gemstone that is most suited for them based on the month of their birth. They often don't have any harmful side effects. Before donning any jewelry, however, you should speak with a qualified astrologer since the improper stone may have effects that aren't favourable to your life, career, or health. All the best and have a safe shopping day. To learn more about “What Are Birthstones”, please visit our website now!

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