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Detailed List of Gemstones: Precious and Semi-Precious Stones

by Kunal Popli 12 Sep 2023
Detailed List of Gemstones: Precious and Semi-Precious Stones - US - Silverhub Jewelry

Even now, in the era of the twenty-first century where technology has entered every sphere of society, if anyone takes up the name of any gemstone, the eyes of that person glisten. In our society, nowadays, data and technology have become the most significant aspects for sure.

But the importance and popularity of the gemstones are universal. People, mainly ladies, still feel a deep note of attraction toward gemstones. Gemstones have mesmerized people for ages because of their vivid colors, captivating sparkle, and profound meaning. In this blog, along with presenting a detailed list of gemstones divided by precious and semi-precious categories, we will discuss Silver Hub Jewelry as a reliable online provider of gemstones.

 The List of Precious Gemstones

Approx 2000 minerals are considered into the category of gemstones. And among those minerals which are rare, look glossy and glamorous, and are durable too, are called precious gemstones. A list of these kinds of stones is discussed below.

  • Diamond

The diamond, also referred to as the "King of Gems," is the hardest known natural substance. It is a representation of enduring love and prestige due to its brilliance and unrivaled toughness. Diamonds are still noticed as one of the most demanding elements of desire. With its shine and brilliance, we can call this the hardest treasure in the world. Diamonds, also referred to as the "Master Healer," are thought to provide vitality, clarity, and vigor. They are believed to reduce emotional and mental imbalances, fostering harmony and overall well-being.

  • Ruby

The profound red shine of the Ruby represents passion and vitality. Being the symbol of love, courage, and energy, this gemstone makes its wearer a glamorous person on a serious note. It is thought to foster emotional healing and joy in life while enhancing motivation, courage, and self-assurance.

  • Sapphire

Being available mostly in blue, these stones can also be found in colors like pink, yellow, peach, orange, and violet. Having the hardest mineral in its body it has placed itself in the third position of the list of gemstones.

  • Emerald

Emeralds are regarded as the stone of compassion and love. They are thought to develop emotional balance, encourage relationship healing, and improve intuition and heart-centered communication. Being the fourth position in the precious stone list, Emerald represents the terms like nature, fertility, and rebirth.

  • Amethyst

For ages, Amethysts have been considered precious stones in many cultures of the world. The magnificent violet color of this stone has given it an extra touch of beauty. The Greek word Amethystos is the source of the lovely name Amethyst. People used to think that if you had an amethyst in your mouth or on your person, you could drink all night long and still be sober.

 List of Semi-Precious Gemstones

Apart from the list of gemstones that are considered precious, in this section of the blog. These stones are less valuable than precious stones but are in high demand in this society.

  • Citrine

The beautiful golden hue of citrine stands for joy and abundance. Being in the first position in the semi-precious stones list it is thought to draw prosperity, success, and positive energy. It is a common option for jewelry. It is believed to attract prosperity, success, and positive energy. Citrine also aids in enhancing self-confidence, creativity, and personal power.

  • Aquamarine

The ocean has a pale blue gesture of beauty, which resembles infinity. The beauty and charm of the stone Aquamarine gives the vibe of an ocean with its natural beauty. Being the symbol of serenity and calmness, this stone is associated with emotional healing, tranquility, and clear communication. It is thought to encourage bravery, self-expression, and interpersonal harmony.

  • Garnet:

Although garnets can be found in a range of hues, their deep red color is the most well-known. These precious stones are linked to power, passion, and safety. Although it is not considered in the list of precious gemstones It is believed to boost energy levels, enhance circulation, and provide grounding. Garnet also stimulates passion, devotion, and self-confidence

  • Opal:

Depending on the angle of view, opals exhibit a captivating play of colors. They stand for creativity, inspiration, and love and are renowned for their mystical qualities. They are linked to relationship development and emotional recovery. Additionally, opals encourage self-expression and assist with realizing one's deepest potential.

 Silver Hub Jewelry Your Ultimate Destination For Gemstones

After describing a semi-precious and precious stone list, it is time to discuss the best provider of gemstones. Silver Hub Jewelry is one of the leading online stores with a massive stock of precious and semi-precious stones. Along with providing the best gemstones, this online store can provide you with fashionable jewelry sets with gemstones in an unconventional style.

Gemstones have an innate fascination that spans time and culture, from the classic beauty of diamonds and rubies to the calming enchantment of amethyst and aquamarine. This comprehensive list of gemstones has provided a window into the alluring world of precious and semi-precious stones, whether you're a gem connoisseur, a jewelry lover, or simply captivated by their beauty. Discover the enchantment that is within these alluring earthly riches by exploring, admiring, and experiencing them. The therapeutic benefits of precious and semi-precious stones provide a special method for achieving comprehensive well-being. The energies of these alluring gemstones can give you a strong boost whether you're looking for spiritual development, physical vigor, or emotional healing.

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